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Avoid delayed or incomplete test result follow up

By increasing the rate of test result review — with follow-up at hospital discharge — we can help improve the safety and effectiveness of your diagnostic process, and optimise patient care.

Australian research indicates that failure to follow up test results ranges from 20% - 62% of tests for hospital inpatients, and up to 75% for Emergency Department patients, with subsequent outcomes of missed diagnoses and inappropriate treatment.

In one Australian Emergency Department studied, close to 30% of all radiology test results were missed (32% of these were abnormal), and 34% of the abnormal results were clinically significant (likely to cause morbidity of moderate or high severity).

Our specialist emergency Tele Results Review service can strengthen diagnostic processes in clinics and healthcare institutions Australia wide.

In this webinar Assoc. Professor Richard Paoloni shared insights on how timely test results review can improve the safety and effectiveness of clinical diagnostic processes and optimise patient health outcomes.

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  • Advanced medical back-up

    Quality Care

    Optimising test result management processes by timely tele Result Review helps ensure robust quality clinical care for patients.

  • Improve diagnostic processes


    Timely review of test results within the institution can sustain or improve the efficacy of the diagnostic process.

  • Help ensure better health outcomes

    Patient Experience

    Ensure that abnormal results are identified without delay at discharge so patients receive the follow-up care they need.

  • Enhancing institutional risk management

    Healthcare institution support

    Manage financial and reputational risk with greater rates of test result review, reducing likelihood of adverse events, complaints, adverse media and medical negligence payouts.

  • Increase staff capacity and confidence

    Workforce wellbeing

    Tele results review by our emergency doctors increases the capacity for senior staff to focus on patient follow-up, training and other high value activities.

  • Trusted by Australian healthcare institutions since 2016


    Partnering with Australian healthcare services including Ambulance, Primary Health Networks, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centres and Multi-purpose Centres.

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