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Bolstering in-situ care to ease emergency service pressure

With telemedicine access to FACEM-led care, emergency medical services can now have the back-up they need — and avoid unnecessary ambulance call-outs and hospital admissions.

 My Emergency Doctor has two unique solutions designed to bolster and relieve emergency services:

  • Secondary Triage connects lower acuity patients (as triaged by Triple 0 personnel) directly to a specialist emergency physician via telemedicine.
  • In-Field Support gives paramedics access via telemedicine to FACEM assistance with on-scene management of cases.
Helping emergency medical services when they are most under pressure

We know that a sizeable percentage of non-urgent ambulance patients could be managed in-situ. However, it is not always straightforward for the ambulance call taker or paramedic to determine if in-situ care is appropriate.

During a successful initial partnership with NSW Health and NSW Ambulance — to provide Secondary Triage for Residential Aged Care Facilities — My Emergency Doctor advised in situ treatment for 57% of low acuity patients, with an estimated net saving of $4.1 million in the first year of the program. The Secondary Triage solution was subsequently incorporated into the newly established NSW Ambulance Virtual Clinical Care Centre (VCCC) — a comprehensive in-house virtual triaging service.

My Emergency Doctor’s Secondary Triage and In-Field solutions are now available Australia-wide.

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  • Access to FACEM-led care


    Our Australian qualified specialist emergency doctors provide back-up and support during times when critical access to emergency specialist doctors are needed.

  • Medical Assistance 24/7/365


    Provide emergency medicine assistance no matter the day or time via telemedicine. On-site staff and patients can access consultations with emergency specialists within minutes.

  • Help ensure better health outcomes


    Enable faster attendance to patients and ensure all patients receive the level of attention they deserve, and the best health outcomes.

  • Reduce staff stress and uncertainty


    We work in synergy with onsite staff and help create a more balanced and sustainable workplace environment, managing surges and allowing staff to focus on the most critical patients.  

  • System-wide pressure relief


    By bolstering in-situ care, we help relieve surge pressure on ambulance services and emergency departments.

  • Trusted by Australian healthcare institutions since 2016


    Partnering with Australian healthcare services including Ambulance, Primary Health Networks, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centres and Multi-purpose Centres.

We care about client and patient privacy

My Emergency Doctor is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of all user data and medical information that is collected and managed. 

To protect all users and customers My Emergency Doctor maintains a clear Privacy Policy

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