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The Impact of ED-Based Short Stay Units

Short Stay Units in EDs play a vital role in reducing overcrowding by influencing key outcomes such as ED wait times and hospital costs, particularly when patients are transitioned to inpatient care. However, these units can face challenges, including backlogs that impact the timely care of patients who could otherwise be admitted or discharged. In such situations, having access to senior physicians, especially overnight, can significantly expedite care.

Key Scenarios for Short Stay Units Include:

  • Patients needing less acute treatments.
  • Patients requiring diagnostic investigations like MRI, biopsies, or endoscopy.
  • Patients needing referrals to social services for safe community discharge.
  • The Impact of ED-Based Short Stay Units

My Emergency Doctor is here to support and optimise your Short Stay Units, particularly during overnight hours. Our service brings confidence to disposition decisions and enhances the overall patient experience while reducing clinical and operational risk for your Emergency Department.

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Benefits of My Emergeny Doctor's Short Stay Unit Solution:

  • Enhanced Staff Experience

    Workforce wellbeing

    We provide certainty in decisions, validation of treatment plans, and valuable feedback and development opportunities, supporting junior staff.

  • Improved Patient Experience

    Health outcomes

    Our service reduces unnecessary admissions and investigations, lowers adverse patient outcomes, and shortens the average length of stay.

  • Steamlined Flow

    Healthcare Institution support

    We facilitate more timely disposition decision-making, ensuring efficient patient flow within your Emergency Department.

  • Access to FACEM-led care


    Our Australian qualified specialist emergency doctors can provide senior medical leadership, increasing skills and support for on-site staff.

  • Clinical Governance

    Quality Care

    We work closely with your clinical teams, reducing risks introduced by unnecessary investigations or admissions, longer waiting times, and medical errors.

  • Trusted by Australian healthcare institutions since 2016


    Partnering with Australian healthcare services including Ambulance, Primary Health Networks, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centres and Multi-purpose Centres.

We care about client and patient privacy

My Emergency Doctor is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of all user data and medical information that is collected and managed. 

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