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Primary Health Networks helping their residents access rapid, cost-efficient, and high-quality care outside the ED.

A growing number of PHNs use our After Hours Solution to expand equitable access to excellent out of hours medical care and alleviate pressure on over-burdened EDs.

 The After Hours solution encompasses:

  • a direct to community option that allows residents to access after-hours consults with an Australian-qualified emergency specialist doctor. Currently, residents of some of our partnered PHNs External Link can access My Emergency Doctor at no cost in the after hours period.
  • support for RACF residents outside their usual GP’s hours.

The South Western Sydney Primary Health Network (SWSPHN) has found that the After-Hours Solution addresses the urgent-care needs of their diverse communities. And it helps reduces the number of low acuity ED admissions and alleviates pressure on the regions’ healthcare workers. We recommend the SWSPHN case study below.

SWSPHN Case Study

Since September 2020, anyone who lives or works in SWSPHN’s seven LGAs has been able to call a region-specific phone number for a free consultation with one of MED’s qualified emergency specialists after hours or on weekends.

External Link Download Case Study

More broadly, our After Hours service has been shown to:

  • reduce unnecessary presentations to busy EDs (with 70-89% patients managed in-situ)
  • minimise costs (projected return on investment of ~$2 for every $1 spent on the service)

Our FACEM-led After Hours service is well established, achieves good outcomes and represents great value to the healthcare system.

Contact us to find out how the After-Hours Solution can relieve the avoidable demands put on EDs.

We work with you to create the perfect plan to support your healthcare institution's workforce needs. To find out more about product and pricing structures, please make an enquiry via our contact form and one of our team will come back to you immediately.

External Link FAQ's
  • Medical Assistance 24/7/365


    Provide emergency medicine assistance no matter the day or time via telemedicine. On-site staff and patients can access consultations with emergency specialists within minutes.

  • Help ensure better health outcomes


    Enable faster attendance to patients and ensure all patients receive the level of attention they deserve, and the best health outcomes.

  • Access to FACEM-led care


    Our Australian qualified specialist emergency doctors provide back-up and support during times when critical access to emergency specialist doctors are needed.

  • Reduce staff stress and uncertainty


    We work in synergy with onsite staff and help create a more balanced and sustainable workplace environment, managing surges and allowing staff to focus on the most critical patients.

  • Bridging the urgent care service gap


    Supporting in-home emergency care at residential aged care facilities, meeting the urgent care service gap between GP and ED and relieving pressure on ambulance services.

  • Trusted by Australian healthcare institutions since 2016


    Partnering with Australian healthcare services including Ambulance, Primary Health Networks, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Hospitals, Urgent Care Centres and Multi-purpose Centres.

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