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My Emergency Doctor supports...

  • Metropolitan Hospitals

    Many hospitals have limited specialist resources or capacity to handle fluctuating patient numbers. My Emergency Doctor gives hospitals confidence when they are understaffed or when a second opinion is needed.

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  • Regional Health Services

    Hospitals in rural or remote areas work hard with limited staff resources and handle uncertain patient numbers. We support on-duty doctors and nurses to reduce unexpected client overflow, manage complex presentations and support after-hours staffing needs.

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  • Ambulance Services

    Ambulance phone operators and on-ground paramedics have to make critical decisions in emergency situations. My Emergency Doctor helps provide expert advice and reduce non-urgent visits to emergency rooms.

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  • Aged Care Facilities

    Aged Care Facilities often handle critical health incidents when no specialists or GPs are available. My Emergency Doctor ensures aged care nurses and carers have the advice and support needed to manage these situations.

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  • Primary Health Networks

    My Emergency Doctor can assist Primary Health Networks support the health of citizens within their local catchment communities. We help patients access emergency care in the after-hours period and complement existing primary care pathways. 

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