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My Emergency Doctor's Story

My Emergency Doctor was founded in 2016 by Sydney-based emergency physician, Dr Justin Bowra (MBBS FACEM CCPU). Driven by his first-hand experience as a Senior Emergency Specialist in a busy emergency department, Dr Bowra wanted to create a service which would provide access to specialist emergency doctors to Australians, no matter where they lived.

My Emergency Doctor started as a small group of emergency specialists operating on a rotating call roster to support patients who needed on-demand emergency services. 

Using the power of technology, My Emergency Doctor has now grown to be the leading Australian emergency telemedicine service providing more convenient, quality, and timely access to emergency medical support around Australia.

Our vision is to transform emergency care today and tomorrow – and ensure Australians have access to an emergency specialist whenever they call, and wherever they are.

Today, we consist of a network of Australian-qualified emergency physicians supporting metropolitan and regional hospitals, ambulance services, primary health networks, schools, private organisations and individual patients all around Australia.

All the consulting doctors within My Emergency Doctor are Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (FACEMs) and are all registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). We go through a rigorous selection and credentialing process to ensure the integrity and quality of our consulting  medical professionals, allowing us to serve the Australian community with the highest level of clinical professionalism.

Using the latest mobile and web technology, patients can access emergency medical specialists for virtual face-to-face consultations from the comfort of their home and health care institutions have secondary support for patient surges or staff absences. 

Today, My Emergency Doctor continues to work around the clock to ensure that Australians have on-demand support and emergency medical access to emergency specialist support anytime, anywhere. 

We have now fielded over 251,221* calls while treating 80% of patients in situ. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve how emergency medicine is supported and accessed as we continually strive towards our primary vision - to transform how emergency medicine is delivered around Australia.

(*as of Oct 2023, ^ calling from community and urgent care settings) 

Dr Justin Bowra - Founder and Medical Director of My Emergency Doctor

  • How we work

    My Emergency Doctor provides medical institutions, health services and patients with on-demand access to expert emergency doctors via phone and video calls. Our dedicated hotline and easy-to-use web solution allows you to access online medical consultations in real-time, regardless of your location in Australia.

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  • How we help Healthcare Institutions

    My Emergency Doctor is taking the pressure off emergency care delivery. We provide healthcare institutions and health services with on-demand access to FACEMs via phone and video calls. Medical consultations happen in real-time, regardless of your location in Australia.

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  • How we help Patients

    My Emergency Doctor offers online consultations with senior specialist emergency doctors directly to patients via telephone or video call. Our doctors are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing online emergency consultations that include diagnosis, x-ray and pathology referrals.

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