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In one Australian Emergency Department studied, close to 30% of all radiology test results were missed (32% of these were abnormal), and 34% of the abnormal results were clinically significant (likely to cause morbidity of moderate or high severity).

In this webinar Assoc. Professor Richard Paoloni shares insights on how timely results review ensures abnormal results are not missed or delayed, relieving some of the risks to patients, doctors and institutions.  

Join us as part of the ACVBHC webinar series on Thursday 5 May at 11 am AEST to learn more about how timely test results review can improve the safety and effectiveness of clinical diagnostic processes and optimise patient health outcomes, as well as the ways in which you can adopt these practices in your healthcare facility despite the general challenges that persist.


Assoc. Professor Richard Paoloni

Assoc. Professor Richard Paoloni is the Chief Medical Advisor for My Emergency Doctor, coordinating the activities of the FACEMs employed by the company. He is an experienced senior emergency physician, Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (FACEM) and an Associate Professor with the University of Sydney.

Previous roles include the NSW Faculty Chair of ACEM (4 years) and Director of Emergency Medicine at Concord Hospital (12 years). Richard was the former Chair of the ACEM Workforce Subcommittee and member of the ACEM Standards. He has a strong interest in streamlining access to emergency care, developing and refining new models of care and promoting high quality service within emergency medicine consultations.


You can access the full webinar recording here.