Dr John L Holmes

Dr John L Holmes is a senior specialist emergency physician based in Brisbane and has been a FACEM for almost 30 years.  He’s been director of emergency medicine at Frankston Hospital in Victoria and Cairns & The Mater Hospital Brisbane in Queensland.  He has also served as Chair of the Queensland Faculty of ACEM and has served on numerous committees for the College.  John is very interested in aeromedical retrieval and established the first aeromedical service in Cairns and the far north of Queensland and has personally completed almost 700 aeromedical missions.  He is also passionate about developing the speciality of emergency medicine both in Australia and overseas and has spent sabbaticals in Ireland and Iceland as a visiting emergency medicine consultant.  He also spent over a year in the Netherlands where he was director of Emergency Medicine Education at the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam and also established the first EM training program at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.  John has also been to Fiji where he was a visiting consultant and worked with trainees of the new MSc program in EM at the Fiji National University.  John is a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland and was formerly Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology.

Dr. Jocelyn Howell

Dr. Howell is an emergency physician with over ten years experience in emergency medicine and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Emergency Medicine (FACEM). Jocelyn is committed to providing accessible, efficient and quality primary health care. She works in tertiary, suburban and regional emergency departments and has a special interest in paediatric emergency medicine, toxicology and clinical leadership. 

Dr. Cian McDermott

Dr. McDermott is an Emergency Physician from Ireland working in Melbourne and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine as well as the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in the UK. He is the social media editor for the International Journal of Emergency Medicine. He also sits on the organising committee for #dasSMACC in Berlin, the world’s leading and most innovative medical education and Social Media academic event. Cian is a founding member of EMUGS.org in Victoria, an organisation that promotes emergency point of care ultrasound use. Cian is passionate about ultrasound and medical education via social media networks.


Dr. Yen Teoh

Dr. Teoh is a FACEM and GP Proceduralist in both Obstetrics and Anaesthesia. He works for Western Australian Country Health Service balancing between different skill sets. His interest resides in telehealth, holistic care, and incorporation of emergency medicine into the primary health care.

Dr. Francis Nolan

Dr. Nolan is a senior Emergency Physician and Fellow of both the Australasian (FACEM) and American (FACEP) Colleges of Emergency Medicine. Trained at the University of Vermont and Boston Medical Center in the USA. He has worked at Redland Hospital ED in metro-south Brisbane for the past 6 years. Prior to that he was the A/Director of Redland Hospital ED. His professional interests include ED administration and management, systems integration, IT and Telemedicine.

Dr. Ash Mukherjee

Dr. Mukherjee has been an Emergency Medical Specialist in Perth WA since 2012 and previously worked as an Emergency Specialist in the UK for 8 years. He has vast clinical medicine and education experience and a special interest in point of care echocardiography.

Dr. Michael Wu

Dr. Wu was the Director of Emergency Medicine at Mona Vale Hospital, Sydney (2003-2009). He has wide experience in emergency medicine and trained in NSW. His particular interests is in the training, education and well-being of doctors working in the highly stressful environment of the emergency department.

Dr. Eugen Salahoru

Dr. Salahoru is an specialist based in Perth and has experience in emergency telemedicine with the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS). He also works in telehealth with the WA Country Health Service (WACHS). His passions include teaching and the development of Emergency Medicine overseas.

Dr. Scott Flannagan

Dr. Flannagan is a FACEM based in Newcastle, NSW. He is the Clinical Lead in Emergency Ultrasound in the Hunter New England region. He teaches on the ACEM-funded EMET (Emergency Medicine Education and Training) program for regional and rural practitioners. He is a member of the JHH Trauma Team management committee, and faculty on the ETM course (Emergency Trauma Management).   He is a Panel reviewer on the ACEM Best of web project and runs his own medical blog.


Dr. Luis Winoto

Dr. Winoto Works as an Emergency physician at Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital and The Sutherland Hospital. He is a Conjoint Lecturer at UNSW. He is also a Contributor and co-author of Chapter 43: Emergency Department Haematology in Emergency Medicine Book 6th Edition, Elsevier.