The Future is Here

The future of healthcare has launched in the form of an app that puts you directly in touch with an emergency specialist doctor. Save time by avoiding the hospital trip and long wait.

Meet My Emergency Dr; the smartphone app that connects you with emergency specialists and provides help when you need it. If you or a family member are sick, the team of Emergency Specialist Doctors at My Emergency Dr can remotely assess you, make a diagnosis, provide expert medical advice and in many cases arrange the treatment you need.

CEO Dr. Justin Bowra, a senior emergency physician and founder of ConnectedMed understands the importance of quick access to doctors qualified in emergency medicine, and wants to make emergency healthcare more accessible to Australians.

“Our vision at My Emergency Dr is to give every Australian urgent video access via your smartphone to an Emergency Specialist, wherever they live and whenever they call. All of our doctors are qualified specialists in Emergency Medicine. Simply download the app and connect to an Emergency Specialist who will be able to assist you wherever you are.”

My Emergency Dr provides urgent assessment and diagnosis. The service does not replace 000, but will provide a convenient way of getting urgent diagnosis and medical advice from a qualified emergency specialist without having to wait at a hospital.

Dr. Bowra intends the service to work with the patient’s GP, and providing references to pathologists, imaging services and pharmacists. “Registered clients have 24 hour-a-day immediate phone and video access to a team of Emergency Specialists who can remotely assess, diagnose and arrange treatment.

My Emergency Dr will email you a copy of the consultation record to take to your GP. If medications need to be organised, we can email you an electronic prescription. Similarly, we can also email you referrals for x-rays or blood tests.”

You can download My Emergency Dr from the App Store or Google Play
Open it and follow the instructions provided.