Dr John L Holmes

Dr Holmes

Dr John L Holmes is a senior specialist emergency physician based in Brisbane and has been a FACEM for almost 30 years.  He’s been director of emergency medicine at Frankston Hospital in Victoria and Cairns & The Mater Hospital Brisbane in Queensland.  He has also served as Chair of the Queensland Faculty of ACEM and has served on numerous committees for the College.  John is very interested in aeromedical retrieval and established the first aeromedical service in Cairns and the far north of Queensland and has personally completed almost 700 aeromedical missions.  He is also passionate about developing the speciality of emergency medicine both in Australia and overseas and has spent sabbaticals in Ireland and Iceland as a visiting emergency medicine consultant.  He also spent over a year in the Netherlands where he was director of Emergency Medicine Education at the OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam and also established the first EM training program at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.  John has also been to Fiji where he was a visiting consultant and worked with trainees of the new MSc program in EM at the Fiji National University.  John is a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland and was formerly Adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology.


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