That niggling stomach ache

man touching his stomach in pain

Abdominal pain can be caused by a range of health conditions and can cause you to have mild discomfort to severe in. Here at My Emergency Dr we can help you to assess the cause of your pain, provide further investigations to isolate the condition and provide you with the necessary medications to manage your pain and other symptoms.


Abdominal pain can range from mild self-limiting conditions such as trapped gas in the large intestine causing bloating and ache, to pains during your period or cramps due to food poisoning. More severe pains are concerning and can be suggestive of conditions that requiring more urgent medical attention. Some conditions that can cause you to have severe pain include appendicitis, bowel obstruction or kidney stones.


When you see a doctor they will ask you many questions about the pain. The answers you provide give important clues to to help them further assess the cause and appreciate where the pain may be coming from. If you are experiencing additional symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fevers or bloating please advise the doctor as this may help them to diagnose your illness.


There are some basic things you can do which often will help to ease your discomfort. We recommend drinking clear fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated plus using simple pain medications such as paracetamol to reduce your pain.


You should arrange an urgent review by a doctor or present to hospital if:

  • your pain is severe and getting worse
  • you have fevers
  • you have difficulty keeping food down and are persistently vomiting
  • it hurts to touch your abdomen or it is swollen
  • you are losing weight
  • you are bleeding from the bowel or have vomited blood
  • your skin is yellow


Here at My Emergency Dr we are experts in emergency care. When you call you will be assessed by our specialist doctors who will evaluate your medical condition and help you arrange further tests and care. To speak to a doctor today download the My Emergency Dr app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the simple instructions.