Dealing with Stress

stress scrabble letters

In the modern world we are on the go all the time. Whether it be working, taking phonecalls, planning our next project, juggling kids, trying to fit in exercise.  Add to that the social media ideals that we see of perfect abs, perfect jobs, perfect clothes…. The stress can be overwhelming.


It has been shown time and again the negative effects that stress can have on weight, mood, wellbeing and our health.


There are simple things we can do to reduce stress and allow us to enjoy our lives that little bit more…


1. Exercise

If a regular exercise programme isn’t something you can manage, just elevating your heart rate for 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference. There is a wealth of free online resources posting workouts that can be done at home. Go for a walk, kick a ball or do running relays with the kids. As well as being good for our bodies, exercise is good for our minds, releasing endorphins and promoting better sleep.


2. Sleep

It’s tempting to cut back on sleep when we have such busy lives but missing sleep has such deleterious effects for our health. Our energy levels suffer, concentration deteriorates and we can even gain weight due to hormonal imbalances. Miss that extra hour of Netflix and aim for 8 hours a night and you won’t regret it.


3. Eat

Diet can influence our energy levels and in turn our mood. Relying on processed foods high in sugar causes fluctuations in our blood sugar leading to large swings in energy and mood. Not eating enough nutrient rich whole foods can leave us feeling exhausted and add to the workload of our tired brains. Caffeine and alcohol are often relied upon to deal with stress but have numerous negative health effects and can also lead to poor sleep.


4. Breathe

It’s so hard to make time for ourselves, let alone go to yoga or guided meditation. What is important though is to take time, even 10 minutes to just be still, empty your mind and breathe. Take deep breaths and fill your lungs. This has not only good effects on your posture but can help you to gain perspective on stressful situations.


Even finding the right healthcare can be stressful. Finding the right doctor, one you feel comfortable enough to talk to about intimate physical and mental problems, is no mean feat. Often patients are not sure where to go and who to see, adding to the demand of an already stressful situation. Here at My Emergency Dr we aim to provide you with the medical advice and care that you need for urgent medical situations  that arise anytime (24/7), when your usual GP may not be available.