Urinary Tract Infections

Have you ever felt like you are passing razor blades when going to the toilet? Or found your urine to be blood stained? Or feel as if no matter how many times you go to the toilet you are unable to completely empty your bladder? You’re not alone.  Both women and men can both suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI) however they are more common in women with one in 2 women compared to one in 20 men contracting a UTI in their lifetime.


Urine is normally sterile. This means it doesn’t contain any of the bad guys – bacteria, fungi or viruses which can make us unwell. Most often it is bacteria that enters the urinary tract causing an infection in the bladder or if more severe, an infection in the kidneys. Urinary tract infections are very common, particularly in women, babies and the elderly.


Some of the symptoms of UTI’s include painful urination, feeling the need to go more often and urgently, pain in the lower abdomen and blood in the urine.  Generally signs of a more serious infection in the kidneys include fevers and chills, nausea and vomiting, abdominal and low back pains.


UTI’s are easily treatable with a medical assessment, urine sample and script for antibiotics and they are important to treat in order to prevent the spread of infection to the kidneys and bloodstream. Here at MyEmergencyDr our focus is on helping you get better. Simply download the MyEmergencyDr app on your phone and we will provide a specialist emergency doctor to assess you.


Once you’ve been assessed we will provide you with a treatment and follow up plan. This requires a urine sample to be sent off to the pathology lab to ascertain what bacteria is present in your urinary tract to make sure that the antibiotics we commence you on can destroy it.  We will provide you with a script for antibiotics and have you follow up with a repeat urine sample once finished treatment to ensure your urine is clear of the harmful bacteria.


With our service you can avoid the queue at your GP and Emergency Department and seek expert care from MyEmergencyDr at a time that suits you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.