Nervous about going away? Get peace of mind with My Emergency Dr


Almost all travellers have encountered someone with an in-flight medical emergency. When we think about in-flight emergencies, the most dramatic episodes come to mind.  These include heart attack, trauma from falling objects and deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) leading to a pulmonary embolism (clot traveling to your lungs).  However, the most common things are somewhat more mundane. A general understanding and approach to them will make flying a bit smoother and less daunting for the hypochondriac in us all.

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Getting Smart With Your Smartphone

According to the experts, approximately 80% of a medical diagnosis is made from taking a ‘medical history’ (essentially talking and dissecting through what’s happened as well as gathering background information)? The examination contributes ~10% to the diagnosis, and investigations a further ~10%. So the main contributor to arriving at a diagnosis is pure conversation; which is why Telemedicine services like ours work, but also why effective communication is key to accurate diagnosis and subsequent management.

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Debating whether or not you should be getting the Flu Shot this season ? Here are 4 good reasons why you should get the flu shot

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to preventing the spread of flu and other diseases. Here’s why you should become a role model for your friends, family and colleagues:

1. The flu can be serious
An average of 2,800 Australians die from influenza and pneumonia every year.
Some people are at greater risk of influenza complications. If you catch flu, apart from feeling dreadful yourself, you risk spreading it to vulnerable people at risk of serious complications.

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My Emergency Dr: What makes us different?

When your loved ones fall sick and your usual GP is unavailable, where do you turn? Do you call an after hours doctor? Do you call an after hours

medical helpline? Do you get the kids in the car and drive to the local Emergency Department or the local after hours medical centre?

Or do you call My Emergency Dr?

People often ask us, ‘What’s the difference between your service and an after hours GP?’

My Emergency Dr (MED) is not an after hours GP service.

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Germ Proof Your Kids! Back to School and the bugs that live there…

So schools have been back for a couple of weeks and routines have been re-established. Sadly those routines get challenged when kids need to take time off school due to illness and working parents often struggle managing the work home commitments. According to the Centre for Disease Control in the USA, primary school children get on average 8-12 cold or flu episodes each year. Teachers and parents commonly call this “ the back to school plague”.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: Yin and Yang?

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: Yin and Yang?

As an increasing number of individuals in society seek alternatives to traditional western medicine, the important question raised is: “are these alternatives truly effective – and more importantly are they safe?”

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced in Australia since the 19th century when the Australian gold rush brought many Chinese migrants. The WHO survey of Australia in 2000 described over 1100 practitioners of Chinese Medicine graduating in that year and that there were also over 23 professional associations present that represented different aspects of Chinese Medicine.

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The First Fleet: The Convict Ships in need of Telehealth

The medical story behind the First Fleet is a triumph of public health and a reminder to us all that a healthy, clean environment and good diet can go long way.

As we prepare to commemorate another Australia Day, it’s a timely reminder of how far medicine has come since the epic voyage of the First Fleet.

The Industrial Revolution in the 18th century displaced large numbers of former workers who flooded into cities in search of work.

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How to avoid sun damage and heat stress

We all love hot summer days at the beach or on a family picnic, but we all know too well how quickly skin damage, eye damage and heat stress can happen when we are having a load of fun in the sun!

Some exposure to sun is healthy whist too much causes disease, so it is wise to take note of how to avoid the negative side effects of too much sun.

6 quick points to note and remember about the sun and our reaction to it:

  1. A little sunshine has health benefits but too much causes disease.

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The Future is Here

The future of healthcare has launched in the form of an app that puts you directly in touch with an emergency specialist doctor. Save time by avoiding the hospital trip and long wait.

Meet My Emergency Dr; the smartphone app that connects you with emergency specialists and provides help when you need it. If you or a family member are sick, the team of Emergency Specialist Doctors at My Emergency Dr can remotely assess you,

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